“We were instantly grabbed by Clinton Sly’s wicked dancehall-style vocal performance. The lyrics paint attractive pictures, and there are plenty of memorable lines. The gliding sub-bass is a winner too – it helps to provide a sexy foundation in conjunction with the bouncy rhythm section. The overall structure really works, which is admirable because the bass hook runs throughout the song with very little variation…. Overall we really, really like it” http://soundcloud.com/clintonsly/hypnotized-clinton-sly-vs-dub – http://i48.tinypic.com/2na4n01.jpgComputer Music Magazine Issue 180: Hypnotized- Review


“The last song on the EP is ‘Wicked’ featuring Clinton Sly. Infusing Reggae with Drumstep, it’s an awesome way to end an album.” http://salacioussound.com/2012/08/karetus-entrudo-ep-album-review/Clinton Sly on Dubstep EP, Entrudo by Karetus.


“Montreal may not be well known for its reggae and dancehall scene, but Clinton Sly intends to change this. His dub mixes, distinct vocal delivery, and multiple collaborations make him a well known presence in the dancehall scene and nightlife. The new club-ready single “Wheel & Come Again” was produced by Blend Mishkin and includes the radio edit and instrumental track.” http://www.newcanadianmusic.ca/releases/w/wheel-n-come-again-single/clinton-sly/2012-05-21″ – Newmusiccanada.ca


Juno Download Recommonds: Ragga/Dancehall – Clinton Sly: Wheel n Come Again