Karetus Wicked Ft. Clinton Sly (Jantsen Remix)!

By Clinton

Last year’s drumstep dancefloor smasher with Karetus ft. Clinton Sly has been remixed by Colorado’s Jantsen. It’s been racking up massive amounts of downloads and praise by sites such as Dubstep.net.

“Karetus have long-since established themselves on The EDM Network as producers on a relentless quest to create the most ear-shattering, destructive, rowdy dance music possible. “Wicked” certainly approaches this lofty goal, and Jantsen’s incredibly wonky signature remix brings the track to a whole new level entirely. Fusing contemporary explosiveness and sound-design with that old-school wonky flavor, Jantsen’s “Wicked” remix is a truly sinister audio experience you won’t soon forget…let’s get FUNKY, and don’t forget the FREE DOWNLOAD!”

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