• Montreux Jazz Festival

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  • How to Plan and Organize a Big Event

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  • Keep on Spinning

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  • Exclusive Interview

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  • Best Clubs in New York

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  • Electronic Music Releases

    Here are some releases that have come out during the past couple of months on the Kairos Audio label. Clinton Sly collaborates with Ray Volpe & Ruxell to create some reggae-dancehall infused electro vibes! Fit for rockin’ any party. Both available on iTunes, Beatport and all of the other popular online stores!

  • Ready Ready!

    CLINTON SLY READY Out now on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno & more We are very excited to announce the latest release from our Green House imprint: Ready by Montréal’s Clinton Sly. Ready features productions by Dub Terminator, Mad Scientist, Saintz, Strictly Dub and Seed Organization and is available at stores today. Get Ready now at these shops:

  • Ready Album!

    Green House presents, Clinton Sly’s solo debut album, Ready. From Reggae,Dancehall to Dub influences, Clinton Sly voices in a rugged and melodic tone across genres. July 29th 2014 (Juno Download), Aug 5th (Worldwide)!

  • No Other Sound

    Back on the grind. This time in a heavy Dubstep fashion. Released a little earlier this year was the Freak That Sh*t / No Other Sound ft. Clinton Sly EP. From Jantsen & Dirt Monkey on their new label, Kairos Audio.